NB: BU-Network will not resale your information to any third party. Must be 18 years and older to use this platform

The BU-Network is a social media platform that has a global outreach for friends, family, and business. 


Some of our Features include:

1- Group chat

2- Photos

3- Business forums

4- Videos

5- Business page

6- Music

7- Politics

8- News

9- polls

10- Event marketing.

11- Market place

12- Messaging

13- Video Conference 


Account ID And Profile ID:

When you create an Account, BU-Network an "Account ID" to identify and organize information relating to your Account and a "Profile ID" for each Profile associated with an Account (collectively, your "BU-Network IDS"). The Profile ID may allow BU-Network to provide a unique internet URL for your Profile ("Profile URL"). As described above, BU-Network and/or Profile URLs always constitute Public Information and may therefore be viewed, accessed, and/or used by anyone with access to the BU-Network. You cannot restrict access to Public Information through your Profile Settings, and you cannot make your BU-Network IDs and Profile URLs Restricted Information. Information We Collect Or Store As You Access And Use The BU-Network In addition to the information that you choose to submit to us via the BU-Network, we and our third-party service providers may also collect certain information about you automatically, including through the use of various technologies that passively store or collect certain information whenever you interact with the BU-Network. This may include information about the nature of a User's interactions with the BU-Network, such as his or her media consumption activities ("Usage Information"). Usage Information may be stored or accessed using a variety of technologies including cookies, web beacons, embedded scripts, entity tags, and other similar technologies whether now or later devised, some of which may be downloaded to the computer or other device.


The Usage:

Information that we collect may be non-identifying or it may be associated with you, your Account, and your Profile(s). In the event, we collect certain information about your interaction with the BU-Network while you are a Visitor, BU-Network associate that information with your Account if you subsequently become a Member. Examples of the Usage Information we may collect include:


IP address or unique Device Identifiers:

your Device functionality (e.g., browser type, operating system, hardware, mobile network information, etc.); the URL that referred you to the BU-Network. The areas within the BU-Network, that you visit and your activities there, including remembering you and your preferences, which artists you are listening to, what videos you are viewing, or Profiles or content pages you choose to connect with, etc.; your Device location (including using GPS and longitude and latitude location information); your Device characteristics; certain other Device data (e.g., the time of day when the Device is used); and ranking information about you with respect to other Users or content pages that you interact with. Please note that certain Web Technologies may set, change, alter, or modify settings or configurations on your Device. Additionally, third parties may use Web Technologies with the BU-Network. For more information on the options that may be available to you for opting out of Web Technologies, see Section 5. You can also avoid the Web Technologies used on the BU-Network by not interacting with the BU-Network and uninstalling any mobile or other applications for which BU-Network is the application publisher. More information related to cookies and other Web Technologies is available in our Cookie Policy.


 Information We Receive From Third-Parties:

BU-Network may receive or collect certain information about you from third-party websites, platforms, or services in the event you choose to take advantage of various features that may allow you to integrate information on or to the BU-Network. For example, BU-Network may provide you with the option to voluntarily: (i) sync content from Twitter that will appear on the BU-Network in your activity feed; (ii) authenticate your identity and register for BU-Network OR using Facebook's authentication protocol; or (iii) otherwise integrate information from third-party sources. Similarly, we may allow third-party websites, platforms, or services to develop software applications that you can elect to install on your Account in order to provide additional functionality to the BU-Network. These third-party integration and applications are collectively referred to in this Policy as "Third-Party Linked Services". Should you voluntarily choose to take advantage of the third-Party Linked Services offered through the BU-Network, we may receive certain information about you from the relevant third-party providers, including the following:


Nickname or username

Photo or graphic avatar 

Unique third-party website identifier (e.g., Facebook User ID)

Biographical Information (e.g., professional title, gender, college attended, etc.)

Likes and interests Connections.

Content accessed or associated with your third party service account (e.g., articles, songs, videos)

Any information that is publicly available on third-party websites

Device location (including GPS and longitude and latitude location information)

Other information that you choose to share with BU-Network. We may supplement or otherwise combine the information we collect directly through the BU-Network with information received or collected from our affiliates or other third parties to deliver targeted advertising to you on other websites across the internet and other platforms, services, and networks, including mobile and other connected Device platforms, and for other purposes not prohibited by this Policy. BU-Network will treat any information received from third parties (including providers of Third-Party Linked Services) as set forth in this Policy. However, the information practices of third parties are not governed by this Policy. BU-Network cannot control the treatment of your information by third parties and we are not responsible for their privacy practices, which may differ from those described in this Policy. We encourage you to review the privacy policies and terms of service of any such third parties prior to choosing to integrate and/or install them on your Account or disclosing information to them. If you have any questions regarding a third party's information practices, you must contact the relevant entity directly. If you visit any of our Affiliates’ websites or use services provided by our Affiliates that are not part of the BU-Network, please be aware that our Affiliates’privacy policies will apply to their use of your information. Information You Provide About A Third Party You may have the opportunity to communicate with others from the BU-Network, such as by sending an invitation to a friend. If you choose to take advantage of this functionality, we may ask you to provide us with certain information about the person with whom you wish to communicate (e.g., name, e-mail address, mobile number, etc.). Before you provide that information to us, you must be sure that your friend has given you permission to do that BU-Network, will not use this information for other marketing purposes without first obtaining consent from the person to whom the relevant information pertains. Please be aware that when you use any send-to-a-friend functionality on the BU-Network, your e-mail address, mobile number, name, or username, and message may be included in the communication sent to your addressee(s).


BU-Network Use And Disclosure Of Your Information:

Except as otherwise set forth in this Policy, we may use the information that we collect about you through the BU-Network for any purposes not prohibited by applicable laws and regulations, including as follows: BU-Network may also disclose any of your Restricted Information, and any other information we have received from or about you, as set forth in the following subsections. In addition, BU-Network may use and disclose your information for other purposes when you provide us with prior consent to use your information in such a manner. Restricted Information & Other Information We may use any information we collect from and about Users in connection with providing and managing the BU-Network. This may include, among other things: (i) measuring and improving the BU-Network; (ii) facilitating your participation in online games, contests, or promotions; (iii) enabling you to communicate and share with other Users; (iv) recommending content or connections (including other Users) to you; (v) analyzing and disclosing your ranking or affinity to certain content or Users to anyone; (vi) providing you with customer support and other requested services; and (vii) responding to your inquiries. To Third-Party Service Providers To Assist Us In Providing And Managing BU-Network. We may make your information available to our agents and service providers so that they can provide requested services on our behalf. These third parties assist us in providing and managing the BU-Network in a variety of ways, including by (i) developing or supporting products and features; (ii) supporting our marketing efforts (e.g., conducting e-mail marketing campaigns on our behalf); (iii) processing payments; (iv) administering message boards; (v) fulfilling orders; processing data or statistics; (vii) hosting media content; (viii) reviewing content for compliance (vi)with the Terms of Use; and (ix) assisting with the administration, judging, and prize fulfillment aspects of contests, promotions, and sweepstakes.


Third-Party Linked Services

When you choose to use a Third-Party Linked Service, you are authorizing the BU-Network to share information generated by or available on the BU-Network, including Personal Information, with Third-Party Linked Services, including, but not limited to

Full Name


Profile URL

About Me

Profile Photo

Profile Cover

Unique BU-Network Identifier (e.g., BU-Network IDs)

Stated Location



Biographical Information (e.g., professional title, college attended, etc.) Interests Connections. Any Information that Is Publicly Available on the BU-Network Device location (including using GPS and longitude and latitude location information) Other Information that You Choose to Share with Third-Party Linked Services Your decision to use, link to, install, integrate with or share with, a Third-Party Linked Service when accessing or using the BU-Network is completely voluntary. BU-Network sharing of information with Third-Party Linked Services from the BU-Network is governed by this Policy. BU-Network is not responsible for the data collection and privacy practices by the Third-Party Linked Service provider, however. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy and terms of service governing the use of the Third-Party Linked Service in order to understand how the Third-Party Linked Service will use the information you authorized BU-Network to share on your behalf.


Analytic s Services:

BU-Network uses third-party analytic providers and products to obtain, compile, and analyze information (that may include your Profile Content (both Public Information and Restricted Information), Usage Information and/or Device Identifiers about how Users are using and interacting with the BU-Network. BU-Network may provide such information to these analytic providers for the purpose of obtaining statistics and other information about how Users are using and interacting with the BU-Network. These analytic providers may use their own Web Technologies to provide us with these services and may otherwise collect or have access to information about you, including your Profile Content, Usage Information, and/or Device Identifiers. We are not responsible for those third-party Web Technologies or activities arising out of them relating to information about you that the analytic providers obtain directly from you or from third parties. Some third-party analytic providers may offer you certain choices regarding their practices, some of which can be found here. To Allow Other Users To Find You BU-Network uses Public Information and Restricted Information in connection with User search inquiries to establish potential matches to search criteria using tools made available as part of the BU-Network. We make good faith efforts not to display to other Users your Restricted Information except in accordance with your Profile Settings. Please note that Members under the self-reported age of 18 (other than respect to Artist Profiles for artists whose indicated age is under the age of 18 and may appear in people browse results) are not intended to show up in the results of BU-Network “people browse” feature, which allows users to browse for Members based on certain criteria inputted by the User. Please contact us here if you notice any discrepancy.To Deliver Relevant Content And Recommendations.To make your experience more interesting or relevant, we may use information you provide, or that we collect about you (e.g., Profile Content, including without limitation page views, queries, media consumption, and connections between your Profile and other Profiles or content pages), and information we may collect from other Users and third parties (e.g., Facebook or Twitter), to assist us in recommending Member and content connections to you on BU-Network, may also combine your information with information collected by our Affiliates or other to improve the BU-Network and to make content recommendations to you both on and off of the BU-Network to Create A Social Media Consumption Experience. As part of the BU-Network, your Usage Information and Profile Content (including video viewing and audio access) may be shared with other Users. To make your content consumption experience more social and fun, to improve services, to perform analytically, to compare your usage to other Users, to rank your linkages with certain content or Users, and to better make suggestions about other content, we may use any of the information you provide and the information we collect about you and we may share the content of the media that you access on or through the BU-Network with other Users. We may also share your media access through BU-Network (including video viewing and audio content access) as an activity notification by activity notification by, for example, sharing your Profile content (including your full name, username, and Profile Picture) on the content page where such video or audio resides. Additionally, your activity may be indicated on your own Profile (in your activity stream or elsewhere) and on your connections' Profile, in each case, both on the BU-Network Website, and on any other BU-Network, including, for example, any BU-Network mobile App. Other examples of activities that may generate Activity Notifications include, but are not limited to: (i) posting status updates; (ii) commenting on a post; (iii) sharing content or posting on the BU-Network Services; (iv) sharing content or posting to a Third-Party Linked Service; (v) connecting to a Profile or content (e.g., a photo, photo album, video, song, etc.); (vi) being tagged in a photo; (vii) commenting on a photo album; (viii) adding a photo to a photo album; (ix) playing a song or watching a video; (x) adding a song to a mix; (xi) updating a Profile; and (xii) adding a cover photo. An example of an actual Activity Notification on the BU-Network is the following: "John Doe listened to the song 'Waits'." Activity Notifications may include Profile Content (e.g., your full name and Profile photo), and some may aggregate your activity with the activity of third parties (e.g., "John Doe and Sally Smith connected to a photo."). BU-Network makes this feature public to everyone by default, and anyone can see these Activity Notifications. Note that if your Profile is a Restricted Profile, the Profiles that you have allowed to connect to you will still see your Activity Notifications regarding your content consumption on BU-Network. From time-to-timewe may offer you options, such as an option to opt-out on a session basis (that is, just for a single time when you are using the BU-Network), or a persistent basis (that is, for every time that you use the BU-Network), from Activity Notifications related to your content consumption. Session settings are intended to last only as long as your BU-Network page is open in your browser. Customer service contact: 470-399-6616